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Animal Testing Should be Banned

Carrots, a rabbit used for experiments, has been suffering for almost his whole life. He has to suffer, just so that someone can wash their hair. He was used by the company Dove, and they shoved shampoo down his throat for his reaction. There are many more animals that have been tested on, for many years. Animal testing should be banned because it’s cruel, abusive to animals, and can scar or even kill and animal forever.

One reason animal testing should be banned is that it is cruel. Bartleby (a website) states, “The Draize test uses white albino rabbits. In this process, scientists rub shampoo, soap, toothpaste, or lawn products into their beautiful red eyes. Then they record the damage, they have observed. The test lasts up to 18 days, with the poor animals' eyelids held open with a clip. Many of the rabbits end up with broken necks trying to escape from terrifying pain.” Imagine being in the shoes of the rabbit, experimented on, then getting tortured to death.

Another reason animal testing should be banned is that an animal is a living object too. They eat, breathe, drink, and sleep just like humans. Why should animals suffer just so that humans can be pleased? Bartleby states, “Animals have rights.” It doesn’t seem fair when animals have to get separated from their families to suffer while humans are in their house comfortably, using products that animals died for humans to use and not like.

The last reason animal testing should be banned is because of the results. Bartleby states, Even if the rabbit lives through the experiment, they're still going to kill him to see what happened to his organs.” If they do let the animal life, the animal would be scarred for its entire life because of the pain and stress it went through. WorldAtlas states, “Approximately 28.2% of animals used for research do not get exposed to experimental treatment while alive and have to be put down to gain tissue and cells.” This is sad, animals have to spend nearly their entire lives experimenting and get put down.

In conclusion, animal testing is cruel, abusive, and can damage an animal forever. Experimenting on animals should be illegal and scientists should experiment on plants. Banning animal testing will save hundreds of animals, and will increase the population of animal species.

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