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Global Issue, Global Warming

Did you know that Earth's temperature has risen by 1 degree and about twice in the Arctic? Scientists that graduated Harvard have found out that temperature increased among regions or between times of the day more than ever. The threat of global warming is increasing slowly, but steadily and it will come for us. Temperatures around the globe have all been severely affected. Global warming has become a controversial topic nowadays with two different sides arguing against each other. “Evidence of temperature increase is rising more than ever”( Others however, say it’s fake:”The graphs used to model global warming are fake”( Despite the other arguments however, global warming is a real issue and needs to be quickly resolved.

First of all, the rapid rise in greenhouse gasses is a main reason for the increase of temperatures around the globe. Five types of greenhouse gasses are CO2, nitrous oxide, methane,chlorofluorocarbons, and water vapor. These five types of greenhouse gasses play a big part in the current state of global warming. Lots of greenhouse gas is absorbed and released into the air. This greenhouse effect is the main reason for the increase in temperature around the globe: “About 90% of this heat is absorbed by greenhouse gas and re-radiated, slowing heat loss to space”( Over three-fourths of heat is absorbed by greenhouse gas, which means that every time a car is turned on the greenhouse gas affects global warming. What happens is that the heat from the sun is absorbed and re-radiated and back into the world. Greenhouse gas is a major cause of global warming and needs to be resolved quickly.

Secondly, deforesting our forests is an impactful contribution to global warming. Trees create oxygen for us, and all humans need oxygen to live. Forests and trees store carbon. When deforestation occurs, all the carbon in trees is released into the air. Deforestation around the world causes more greenhouse gasses being sent into the air. Deforestation needs to be reduced:”About 20% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing it will be necessary”( According to the science journal Nature about 42 million trees are cut down a day. 42 million trees in a day are cut down, and 20% of greenhouse gas emissions are the cause of global warming. This is only a little portion of the causes of global warming. Deforestation needs to be stopped as all the trees that are cut release dangerous amounts of carbon into the air.

However, some may say that global warming is fake and a natural cause that cannot be helped. Some claim that “Climate change is natural and has happened at other points of history”( It is true that there have been periods of global warming and cooling, but this has to be the most severe case. All the greenhouse gasses emitted a day have already started to heat up the planet. Deforestation, engine fuels, manufacturing goods, factories, and generating power are the main reasons for the increase of temperature. Another point of view is that everything causes global warming. Some may argue that creating food causes global warming. This is in fact, a valid point as everything is affected by greenhouse gasses. Nonetheless, a good way to prevent this is to save power at home or to take natural transportation like bikes or walking. Whenever at home make sure to turn off lights and get rid of unnecessary use of power. Global warming is evident around the world and is a major issue that needs to be resolved quickly.

In essence, global warming is a real issue that does need to be resolved. All the toxic gasses and the unnecessary use of power is the cause of global warming. To help get rid of or at least slow down global warming, we could start using natural transportation, reduce reuse and recycle. Global warming needs to be resolved quickly because if it’s not resolved ice caps will melt. When ice caps melt water levels around the world will increase. Floods will happen all around the globe affecting daily lives. Global warming is a serious issue and needs to be acknowledged at a higher level than it currently is.

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