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Make America Just again!

Who judges innocent versus evil, right and wrong? Who works at one of the most important places in the country? In case you didn’t know, it's a justice! Contrary to what many people believe, a justice is one of the country’s most important people, and they work in a state’s most important court called the Supreme Court. Some highly known celebrities wanted to be, or knew a justice. But even so, not many people aim to be a justice. Unlike these people, I want to be a justice for several reasons, and here are three.

First of all, being a justice gives you the ability to make the world a fair place. I want to make the world fair because right now, it isn’t so fair yet. Justices vote to decide the most reasonable answer to a case brought to them. The side with a higher vote wins and the other side gets what they deserve. Sometimes, a vote can be unfair, but they will still have to go with the results. I will choose the most fairest choice. One vote can either make things right or wrong. Making the world a fair place is important because it will prevent wars and many deaths. In many cases, two people will argue strongly about the guilt of each other, and you will have to listen closely to both sides and spot the truth. You pick the correct side, and you’ll be one step closer to a fair world. In other cases, you will just be out-voted. To at least bring others on to your side, you can make your dissent (an argument against something) extra convincing and powerful. Being a justice gives you some amazing powers to make the world fair!

Secondly, I look up to Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a trailblazer justice. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG for short) was one of the first women justices in her time. In fact, during the time RBG was a justice, only 4 justices were women! And since there could only be 9 justices in the Supreme Court, that means more men were chosen to be a justice than women. And just a few decades back, before Ruth was born, there were no female justices at all! For that reason, I would like to be one of those few female justices. Also, being a trailblazer would make a path for other people to follow without fear. Many people look up to well-known and famous humans. Like that, I look up to RBG. She made a path for future generations of female justices. I would like to carve a path for future generations, too. Some people just know they want to be like somebody one day. I am one of those people. I look up to RBG and adore her. One day, I want to be just like Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a persistent, brave, justice.

The final reason is because I want challenges, and being a justice meets my expectations and wants. Many people don’t like taking on challenges. They may try to avoid hard jobs and jobs where you have to think a lot. But I would love a good challenge. I want to pursue a challenging job. I won’t hesitate to take on something hard. In court cases, you need to listen carefully and choose the most reasonable suspect's theory. You need to explain why you choose that. That can be hard because lawyers are involved and you have to listen to them too! You need to study the law very hard because a justice makes a very crucial decision that affects many people, maybe even the whole country! Being a justice can be hard, but I love having that challenge coming my way.

Although being a justice has its pros and cons like any other job, I really want to be a justice and (almost) nothing can stop me!

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