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Permanent Scars

I got really surprised when I read that almost one out of every four students get bullied. Also, when kids bully each other, they are just causing trouble for themselves. In fact, the kids who bully other kids can get expelled from school from doing that. Sometimes, when kids see each other doing something, it might influence them to do the same. In this situation, they would start bullying more kids. But usually if they bully others for no reason at all I would be very mad at them. I wonder if these kids have ever thought about what might happen to the kids who gets bullied by them. These kids who get bullied everyday can get a lot of bad impacts from this situation. Here are the three big impacts that can affect the kids who are getting bullied every day.

First, they can lose self-confidence. Having self-confidence is important because if you don’t have self-confidence, you would worry about a lot of things and not focus on what you are doing, which can lead you to failing in school or other classes outside of school. For example, if the kid who got bullied doesn’t have any self-confidence anymore that can lead them to having a bad education, which might affect them even more. Also, if the kid who gets bullied is playing a sport and starts panicking, he could get hurt because if the ball hits his eye or leg, that would make his body in a worse situation.

Second, ones get bullied can have no friends. Friends is an important character in everyone’s life because they support you and help you come across hard times. For instance, let’s say that a kid is getting bullied, and his friends will probably stand up for him and not get bullied as much. Sometimes when people don’t have friends, they will probably feel stressed, because they don’t have someone to rely on. For another example, when you’re hungry and don’t have any money with you, if you are with your friends, they probably can share their food with you, so you wouldn’t starve. With no friends, you can lose the chance to experience different situations.

Third, there can be a lot of body injuries. With wounds on the kid’s body there can be a lot of problems he/she will have to face every day. One example is that a kid being bullied might get punched in the eye, which can end up in a result of not being able to see. Also, if a kid was born without any health or body problems, but they get bullied they can end up with bad situations, such as not being able to walk or they would need to wear a cast. Those examples can affect their everyday life, especially if they go to school they would need to walk and write. So, if they have these problems, they need to worry about they might be late to school, or they can’t do their work.

In conclusion, when kids get bullied there are a lot of impacts that can affect them in a bad way.

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