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Seeking Freedom under Dictatorship

On July 1, 1997, when England returned to Hong Kong, they signed a contract in which they both agreed to use one country, two systems. However, China decided to break that promise and kept the dictatorship, causing a huge riot in Hong Kong and causing injuries and death. Ever since China was founded in 1949, the Communist Party has been using dictatorship to rule the country. In other words, the country is ruled by a single leader. However, this kind of governing has caused a number of problems for the Chinese citizens. Because China doesn't use democratic elections, thus, the citizens don't have a voice in the party, making the people powerless. On top of that, the people in the Chinese Communist party are also rotten to the core, most of the people in the party abuse their power, buy and sell authorities official positions, and a strong desire for fortune. Xin Jiang, a large province was feared by the party because they were afraid they would stand up against the party and fight for independence. To prevent that they set up a camp which forced all of the residents in XinJiang to gather up at one place and force them to study the Communist Party’s policy. Mongolians, a minority, are forced to learn Mandarin Chinese instead of their mother language because the party wants everyone in the country to listen to them. If the parents try to pick up their children at school with force, the police will also use force against the parents. In one case, a student jumped out of the building and died due to an attempt to escape the school. Because Chinese use dictatorship, the people of China can only sit here and watch all the awful things the party does, making it hard for the people to live daily average life. China should not use dictatorship and use democratic elections because first,a lot of the party officials are horrible people, second, minorities are being forced to learn Mandarin Chinese.

First, some people in the party are awful people. While some of the people in the offical are responsible officials some of them are horrible officials that do awful things. According to the Party's Corruption Watchdog, since 2013 more than one million party officials  have been punished due to the corruption. Some of the awful things the officials have done are buying and selling official positions, abusing their power, and only thinking about themselves. This makes the citizen’s lives harder because of the greedy officials.

Lastly, minorities are being negatively affected by the party. Inner Mongolia, a minoriti with a population of five million people is being forced to learn chinese due to the new language policy. Because the principal of Mongalin Elementary School at Erlianhot was experiencing a huge amount of pressure, he committed sucide. Protests were ignored by the officials and announced that if the protest doesn’t end, the student will be removed from the school.  The party should reverse the policy because people should have the right to learn the language from the country they were born in. 

The Chinese dictatorship should stop because there are cold-blooded people in the party that only cares about themselves, making life harder for the citizens. Lastly, the party is affecting minorities, Inner Mongolians are being forced to learn Mandarin Chinese due to the new language policy and are forbidden to study their own language. It is better for China not to use dictatorship

since it’s making people’s life harder.

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