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Should Police Force Be Justified against African Americans?

Recently, there has been a great deal of tension and conflict between the police and black African Americans. A number of black African Americans have been killed by the police unnecessarily. This has been the cause for many protests around the world. However, some people believe that blacks do not have the rights to some activities. Others feel that African Americans deserve to live equally as any other human on America. Police force should not be justified against African Americans because of their rights, the law, and the fact that all lives matter.

African Americans should have rights like any other person in the United States. In the 1900s, black people weren’t given any privileges. But that ended when Martin Luther King Jr. protested, and it was made a law. However, these incidents are showing that some people still can’t put up with black people. These people who are killing blacks without reason are basically saying that they have the right to control their lives, even if that means taking it. tells us, “Fletcher drew a stun gun, then fired as Taylor moved toward him... before Fletcher opened fire, striking Taylor in the chest.” This statement shows that Fletcher – the officer – fired a stun gun first at the robber, and then shot him with a real gun. The officer could have just taken the thief with him to court, but he killed him after he was stunned.

The law is written to protect the black community, but these officers, who are trained to abide in the law, are instead breaking it in front of many people, where there are cameras filming every action the policemen make. Despite the law, however, the officers still decide to attack the black men, believing that they are more important than they are. also states, “In disturbing cellphone and body-camera video of the encounter… In the video, customers can be heard shouting ‘put it down, put it down.’” This statement proves that there were customers and a video camera watching the entirety of the action, and the officer still did the wrong thing.

All men, women, and children were created equally, which means we all should be treated fairly as well. These scenes of officers taking black lives without purpose is unique, because researchers are positive that this wouldn’t have happened if the thief’s skin color was different. If the policemen were in danger, and the criminals were heavily armed, then that would be a completely different story. However, the thief was only armed with a baseball bat, and stunning him should have been the end of it. Nevertheless, the cops decided to terminate the culprit, rather than taking him to the judges, where they would determine the black person’s sentence.

Black lives should be treated the same as “regular” people, for people shouldn’t be treated differently just because their skin color is unique. The black community also deserve human rights, they have the law protecting them, and no one should be allowed to take their lives, the lives that were created like the officers that did the damage.

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