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Will Amy Barrett Bring Justice to America?

In societies a supreme court has ruled and has justified over countless numbers of people. The past decades there have been varieties of people in the Supreme Court. Some of these high intellectual people decided with fair or unfair decisions. Furthermore, Amy Barrett has been nominated by President Trump. Presently, Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg has recently passed away on September 18, 2020, causing there to be 8 judges in total. The president wants Amy Barrett to succeed after Judge Ruth Bader. Due to this action there have been uncertainties among people because of her records of decision making and clarifying on cases. Despite the uncertainties, Amy Barrett should be nominated as one of the judges in the supreme court because of her thoughtfulness for generations and her intelligence. 

To begin with, Amy Barrett is highly thoughtful about the future generations. The young generation right now is breaking. Children, parents, and elderly people from all ages need justice and fairness. Amy Barrett is able to meet the standard and improve life. So, she has done countless of right decisions with abortion and other decisions. A Harvard law professor vouches for Amy Barrett stating, “...Amy Barrett has lawfully about the future rights of children ''(bnews 1). As of present time, people or adults have not recognized the rights of children. Guttmacher Institute stated, “...about 58% of pregnant woman in the United States do abortion” (pg1). Shown on the data many young women do not care about their children, but only of their outcomes. Therefore, Amy Barret is the right candidate for taking care of the future of our generations. 

In addition, Amy Barrett is intelligent and fair. Amy Barrett has been widely known for her intelligence on all subjects in the court. Intelligence is needed to listen and proceed with the cases. However, for the past 9 months America has been struggling, and currently America is fading away. In the articles and other news companies they state, “... Trump has tested positive to Covid-19… Two officials in the White House have gotten Covid-19”

(3). In other words, the government is struggling due to Covid-19, and they need someone to contribute in other areas in the government. Amy Barrett is the right person to be chosen for her bright intelligence, and changing the circumstances of the method being used for handling Covid-19. Her intelligence can use strategy to lift America and other governments out of the cruel virus. Therefore, Amy Barrett is the perfect person to be in the Supreme Court. 

On the other hand, there has been news that people have been complaining about the fact that Donald Trump has violated the rules in the debate. Expert Uyon explains that the debate that has taken place was a mess. In the makings for the debate, people are also now skeptical about Amy Barrett since she was nominated by Donald Trump. However, Amy Barrett is not defined by who Donald Trump is. A professor from Notre Dame has says" ...she has had many legal experiences"(pg4). Therefore, Amy Barrett should be nominated in the Supreme Court. 

America is slowly fading away from its existence. The supreme court needs additional help from Amy Barret because she can improve the generations coming ahead and she is intelligent. Remember to vote wisely. 

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