Current recipient

Hashem Ahmadi

Hashem Ahmadi is a 16-year-old boy who came from Afghanistan. It has been three years since he arrived at the camp. He is all by himself without his family. His father passed; he has his mom and two siblings left behind in Afghanistan. He is worried about his family because Afghanistan is currently suffering from famine, cold weather, and mostly tyranny under Taliban. He is working at a farm whenever there’s work, but his dream is to study. With our scholarship, we hope to provide him an opportunity to continue his education to fulfill his dream.


Previous recipients

Mounira Khani

I had a very hard time as a child. I always wanted to go to school, to be free, to go around, to express myself freely, to ride a bike. We were limited in Iran. We didn't have an ID card. My father was a simple worker and illiterate because he had an accident on his leg so he couldn't work hard. That's why he couldn't make enough salary and had not enough income. Because of this hard situation, my parents split up from each other.
In my opinion, if all the people loved each other, and the level of all countries were the same, and if there was no war and the refugees were safe in their countries, it could prevent them from migrating. They
would not put their lives in danger to come to Europe with a lot of difficulties. I think the only thing that makes the refugee worry and anxious and nervous is being kept in the camp for a long time. I didn't have a goal in my life before because I wasn't in a situation of having goals. From the time that I have entered Europe, I have had hope for the rest of my life and am optimistic about my destiny. Because there are humanitarian countries and humanitarian people. I would like to have a normal life without discomfort and stress, to be allowed to study and become useful for myself and the comprehensive. Not only to be alive but also to live and to understand the meaning of life and peace.

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Zeineb Rahimi

My Name is Zaineb Rahimi i was born in 2/10/1997 in Qom_Iran . I belonged to a family of 5 persons , my parents and my two younger sisters. My father died 13 years ago in Afghanistan. We had such a hard life and We went through many things as a family without a man in Afghan culture . And my mother was very young at that time .
I left Iran 1 year ago and i came to Greece with my uncle and now I'm here on my own .My only dream is studying and becoming a doctor which i was not allowed to do it in Iran . This is one of the reasons why i left my family and everything behind to change my life and their lives. I got to know Jesus in Lesvos which is my the biggest gift in my life .
I'm volunteering with one of the organizations who are providing healthcare for refugees, as a translator.