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San Bernardino County

Board of Supervisors

Curt Hagman

4th District Supervisor

California Legislature Assembly


Phillip Chen, Ed.D.

55th District


Presidential recognition for volunteers 

Life Reset Updates

-We are recruiting new student officers for 2021-2022 starting this August. Please email to to let us know your interest.

-The last beach cleanup for this year will be held on May 15(Saturday) at Doheney State Beach 9:00-11:00am.  (4/24/21)

-Our second beach cleanup will be held April 24(Saturday) at Calafia State Beach from 9:00-11:00am.  Please bring your cleaning supplies and the waiver forms that the State Beach requires. (4/20/21)

- A beach cleanup is coming! It is organized by Heal the Bay and California Costal Commission and is scheduled on 2/20/20 to clean Corona Del Mar.  Prior to the cleanup, we will have an orientation. 

-We will have a forum titled "Women's Rights in the Middle East and the Lesbos Island Refugee camp conditions" on the 16th of January at 9:00am. (1/2/21) Please, ask for the zoom code to any officers.

-Monthly meeting for December will be held on the 20th at 7:30pm pacific time. (12/11/20)

-December Newsletter has been released, and is on the webpage. (12/11/20)

-"Plogging" (jogging while picking trash) is the activity of the month. Please send the pictures of your activity to (11/09/20)

-Amy Min, an artist, has joined as our mentor. A big thanks to Amy (11/04/20)

-We have Katie Park, serving as an associate editor, and Aaron Kim, another Publicity Officer who will also help with social media for the organization.  Thanks to Katie and Aaron (10/31/20)

-Joseph Park has joined as our new mentor. He has lived abroad, New Jersey, and now in CA.The wealth of his experience will enrich our student body.  A big thanks to Joseph (10/25/20)

-Officer meeting will be held on October 24 (Saturday) at 8pm. via zoom.  If any members or prospective members would like to join the meeting, you are more than welcome to do so.  Please contact any of the officers for the zoom code. (10/23/2020) 

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