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Be the Voice

If you want to inform and inspire our community with any social concerns or issues, we provide an opportunity for you to voice it out. We encourage writing from K-12th school grades and adult submissions are welcomed. Submitted articles will be reviewed by editorial crew and once selected we will post it on the webpage after minor editing if necessary. Submitted articles may be published in our yearly Journal The Voice for the Unvoiced.    

Topics to consider:

school bullying

Income inequality affecting on children/children's education

urban issues




ethnic cleansing


human and civil rights violation

economic issues

moral/ethical issues

discrimination and prejudice based on:





Topics are not limited to the above topics; we would also be interested in your perspective on a unique topic. We recommend that, before writing, you clearly identify who/what the unvoiced subject that you would like to become the voice for is. The targeted group specifically tied to a social situation will help you address the issue effectively. If you have any more questions about article submission, please email to any of the editorial crew members. 

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