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Plogging is a compound word born out of the concerns of the deteriorating human health and the environment caused by the advanced industrialization.  The word is a combination of jogging with picking up trash (plocka app), which first coined and began its movement in Sweden around 2016.  Life Rest has adopted this activity not only to serve our local communities, but also for the purpose of raising the awareness that our voluntary services should be intentional in our daily activities.  Especially during COVID-19, this is a perfect activity for you to stay active while beautifying your city.  

Beach Cleaning


Life Reset is committed to protecting our water, and we have adopted beaches in Southern California in partnership with the environmental advocacy group Heal the Bay. Through our involvement, we protect marine wildlife, our natural treasures. 

Tree Planting


Partnering with Los Amigos de los Rios, we plant trees and provide care for the park/trail in L.A County that follows the rivers and the washes. It is exciting to go back to see the trees you planted to check how much they have grown.  It is amazing feelings and be part of this great cause to make our community green and beautiful. 


Korean War Memorial Park Cleaning


The park was established in 2021 to commemorate 39,691 fallen stars during the Korean War. Many of the LR members who are Korean descendants commit to cleaning the park every month as our one of the adopted parks.

Homeless Shelters

IMG_8368 2.jpg

Our members visit rescue shelters for the homeless to prepare food and organize warehouses.

Animal Shelters


Stray, lost, and abandoned animals in our communities are our concerns as well. We make pet toys, bandannas, and clean the shelters.

Habitat for Humanity


We care, support, and "build" for our veterans. We are privileged to be part of the supporting team for housing projects and furnishing for servicing veterans who sacrificed for our nation. 

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