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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Adrian is a young boy, currently 5 years old, who lives in the Philippines. He enjoys art and drawing, playing hide and seek, listening to Bible stories, playing with toy cars, and simply walking. He is only 5 years old, yet he has the family duty of cleaning. Where he lives, typical homes are made of dirt floors, wood walls, and tin/corrugated iron roofs. Approximately 163,100 residents reside in this area and the average worker earns about $54 a month, deeming this area as impoverished. Many share common health problems including and not limited to, pulmonary diseases, asthma, allergies, coughs, fevers, and the flu. Adrian became a victim of the health conditions of this area and unfortunately suffers from asthma, where healthcare is greatly limited due to his location and his single parent’s salary.

Through Compassion International, I have been supporting and sponsoring Adrian by providing $38 a month. This $38 provides an education, health care, and support for his future. For you and me, $38 is probably two fast-food meals for our family or maybe even a nice hoodie, but for Adrian, it provides him money for doctor's appointments, a decent education, and actual care. Compassion International fantastically paves a connection between the sponsor and their child through letters, so I have been writing to Adrian monthly. He draws me pictures and simply says thank you since he is only 5. For some reason, the two-word phrase, “Thank you,”

brought me to tears the first time I read his tousled letters. The small act of giving $38 deems itself like nothing; however, this is more than half of an average worker’s salary in Adrian’s world, which can pave the way out of an impoverished world.

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