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Is a Riot the only Solution?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Around July of 2020, Derek Chauvin, a police officer continuously knelt down on a black man’s neck even though the man was quiet and calm during his arrest. After George Floyd, the man that was being arrested, repeatedly said that he couldn’t breathe, the policeman ignored him and warned the crowd to back off with a gun when a few of them tried to help Floyd. Moments later, while the crowd watched the helpless Floyd die a painful death due to suffocation and neck compression, the BLM movement started. People started to riot everywhere, wrecking everything in their path, seeking for justice. However, this caused a huge amount of damage to the states where the riots have taken place, in another word, it’s like them robbing a house while it’s on fire, they looted luxuries stores like Louis Vuitton, Apple stores, Nike, and some other everyday-shops, causing a huge amount of losses in profit while all the chaos happens outside. The riot has also blocked the roads causing the traffic to paralyze and people can’t get to work because of the riot blocking to roads. On top of that, the riots were smashing cars while they drove by which can cause unnecessary  injuries . These buildings and stores that have been pillaged needed money to fix and most of the money come from the store owners and the government, this sum of money which wouldn’t have been necessary if the BLM haven’t started such a big riot, the money could have been spent on many other things that are necessary, such as helping the homeless people. The BLM was using unnecessary forces because first, they didn’t need to rob the stores, second, the riot was blocking the roads causing the traffic to paralyze . Iastly, the destroyed buildings need money to fix which come from the government and the building’s owner, the money could have been used on many other things if they BLM hadn't started a huge riot.

To begin with, some people purely wanted  to borrow the chaos to fulfill their own personal desires.  Some people destroyed the shops and building to get the attenuation of the government for justice. Some people just wanted money for their own personal needs, according to, protesters gathered in Long Beach, scores of thieves swarmed into nearby outlet stores. A steady stream emerged from a Forever 21 store carrying armloads of clothing. Some hauled it away in garbage bags, and a few stopped outside to change into stolen items. These people were not looking for justice just, but to fulfill their own individual needs. This action can cause a great lose in profit for these companies which will take a long period of time for them to recover the losses. 

Second, the riots are paralyzing the traffic and damaging cars.  Huge amount of people rioting means more space and some of the riots are taking up highways, according to Sarah Moon. May 29, 2020, a huge amount of protesters are taking up the 101 freeway in San Jose, California, and the protesters were seen smashing windows of cars on the freeway. This may cause casualties for the people who are trying to get to work, if they can’t get to work, the company may suffer from a lack of workers and resulting in a loss of money.

 Lastly, the repair fee for the destroyed buildings could be a problem for the owners. These riots pretended like the buildings cost nothing to construct and destroyed them ruthlessly, rubbing salt into the injuries of the owners that already have their store looted. The sum money for the repair comes from the government and the owners, this sum of money wouldn’t have been necessary if there wasn’t such a huge riot. The money could have been spent on something else like helping out the homeless. 

The BLM didn’t have to start an unnecessarily large riot because first, stores are getting looted, destroyed, or privileged causing huge losses of money. Second, the riots are taking up roads causing problems for the people who are trying to get to work. Lastly, it’s hard for the store owners to repair their building when they’re already suffering from all the looting. The BLM should settle down a little and try a little more peaceful protest instead of an unnecessarily violent one. 

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